Browsing Month: June 2019

Meet Semaj Atkinson, Founder of XOXO Flossy, Fashion Enthusiast

Semaj Atkinson, more formally known as “Miss Flossy” is a 22-year-old fashion enthusiast from New Orleans. Throughout the years she has had acquired experience in Visual Merchandising, Personal Styling, and Creative Directing. We got the chance to sit down with Semaj and discuss her career, common misconceptions about people working in the fashion industry, and […]

Go DJ: Interview with DJ Kelly Green

With June being African-American Music Month and National DJ Month, it’s only right that I highlight some amazing African-American DJs. It’s a plus that they’re females too! Who is Kelly Green? Kelly Green is a musician, a smooth turntablist, and an outta sight kinda chick.  What influenced you to become a DJ? Being a musician for so long and wanting […]